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Understanding Student Loan Trends

We recently did a blog on income based student loans and how the IRS form 4506-T can be used in the context. This got us intrigued and we set out to find more data on the trends related to student … Continue reading

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Do You Owe IRS any Money?

With Halloween around the corner and leaves turning red, it’s time for autumn cleaning. It is also a good time to start with tax planning and being ready to pay the yearly dues in March. Before you start calculating what … Continue reading

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When Is Form 4506 Used for a Tenant?

Isn’t 4506-T used by lenders to obtain tax return transcripts, you may ask. Well, yes, but it also has a role in the home rental market where 4506-T is used by the landlords before choosing a tenant: income and employment … Continue reading

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Dear Student, Don’t Pay more Than You Earn

If you own a student loan, and are paying more than you earn, an income-based repayment (IBR) program is your solution. Federal student loan borrowers who are facing financial troubles may be eligible for the IBR program; which helps eligible … Continue reading

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