New Connections

Real EC

Synergistic streamlining was our motto for April. We are thrilled to introduce RealEC, with whom 4506-Transcripts has integrated. The main idea behind this coalition was to increase our work efficiency, which in turn will make our clients’ lives easier. “This integration is just another example of how we like to stay current and provide the efficient and progressive  methods to our clients,” says Sandra James, our CEO. RealEC is “the leading provider of collaborative network solutions in the mortgage industry,” and we are sure that the host of services they provide will be an asset to our work. Collaborating with them will benefit our clients by providing a centralized system for loan processing.

Their services “enable lenders and their business partners to electronically connect, collaborate, and automate their business processes to eliminate paper, manual processing, and other sources of friction in the origination and servicing of mortgage loans.” They are the largest fully interconnected network of lenders and service providers in the USA and enable lenders to electronically connect their business processes directly to their service providers. This also reduces technology costs, risk and vendor dependence.

We are extremely excited about this new venture and are looking forward to a long and fruitful experience.

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