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659,000 Jobs Can Be Lost Due To End Of Mortgage Interest Deduction!

A report released by non-profit firm, Tax Foundation, reveals the scariest statistics about consequences of ending Mortgage Interest Deduction. MI deduction has always been the hot topic for debate and an end to this can have some serious consequences. According … Continue reading

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A Proud Moment For PEI &

We are so excited to share that our President, Sandra James has been featured in the cover story in WBENC’s President’s Report magazine. It is indeed well deserved and her journey has been that of grit, determination and hardwork that … Continue reading

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Reverse Mortgage Program Set To Change In October

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage program (HECM) will be revised with some changes and may come into effect in the month of October. Federal Housing Administration (FHA) will receive new changes from the House and the U.S. Senate that may go … Continue reading

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Homeowners Deleveraging: A Drop Of 20%!!

Home finance write-offs year-to-date in July 2013 dropped by 22% this year and it is also being termed as the highest drop since 2007 according to a report from Equifax. The Chief Economist, Amy Crews Cutts, of Equifax has quoted, … Continue reading

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A Word Of Relief For The Tax Non-Filers!

It is absolutely okay if you haven’t filed your tax returns in the last several years and now want to enter the tax system safely. “It is better late than never” and IRS believes this phrase. That is why they … Continue reading

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