IRS Income Verification Express Service: What You Need to Know?

Many people find it difficult to get all the steps right when opting for IRS IVES and this is the reason that we decided to extend our helping hand in making the process simplified for you with this blog. It will help you to grasp all the information in an easy way so that you don’t have a hard time going through and understanding the process.


  • It is a service from IRS that helps to put the income verification process on fast track and help the borrowers in loan process.
  • It is also a facility for tax professionals who request transcripts on behalf of their clients. In addition, according to the new system, the transcripts will be delivered using e-services platform through a secure mailbox. The registration process can be fulfilled by visiting e-services page on IRS website and takes about two weeks to complete.
  • The process can still take some time before you finally receive the tax transcripts that are required. For a smooth process, it is very important to fill the form 4506-T and 4506T-EZ correctly.
  • It is suggested that using the services of a professional agency dealing with filling up and submission of these forms will make the process much faster and they will also make sure that the forms are filled correctly and submitted with all the required paperwork.
  • In case of a dispute, the participant can write directly to the IVES location where the documents are submitted. A copy of the IVES acknowledgement sheet; a copy of the Form 4506-T, taxpayer name, and reason for adjustment request need to be provided in writing to the IVES.
  • In case of any failure, fax will be considered as the alternative for sending the transcripts.
  • The IVES detailed report is currently available in two formats – PDF & CSV.

For more information about IVES, you can visit the given LINK.

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