Housing Market Recovery: Myth or Reality

If tabloids are to be believed, the much-awaited U.S. housing recovery is on its way. In order to find out how truthful the media reports are, we took a closer examination of the optimistic recovery figures and came out with a detailed report. This report tackles the important question – Is housing recovery for real or is it just headed to another bubble burst?

The report reveals some of the valuable market insights and underlying patterns in the so-called recovery:

1. An alarmingly large number of cash buyers are bagging the best deals, sidelining borrowers and first-time home buyers.

2. Job market is improving but the wages remain stagnant, making the average buyers shying away from considering a home purchase.

3. The housing market is showing a sudden surge in mortgage delinquency rate

Such trends clearly show that something is amiss in the housing recovery. Housing market might be inching its way up but it is not exactly benefiting the average American homebuyers.

We have based our conclusions on hard data and in-depth analysis. We hope the readers will find our take on housing recovery to be insightful.

Download the Full Report Here

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