4506 Transcripts: How We Work

DCF 1.0

DCF 1.0

From financing a dream home to paying for college costs, most lenders require a 4056 Transcript from the IRS. Since an IRS 4506 Transcript contains income and tax information for up to four tax years, clients can also consider it a kind of fiscal report card. Income, taxable income, date of filing, interest and penalties owed are among the information found on this most valuable document. The 4506 Transcript can also be used to find out if the IRS can levy an account, seize property or collect debt and if a client can do anything to prevent such collection, including filing bankruptcy. We recommend clients seem further guidance from a trusted financial services professional or accountant for such complex tax matters.

At 4506-Transcripts.com, we make obtaining 4506 Transcripts from the IRS a quick and easy process for our clients. Filing 4506-T forms with the IRS is our specialty. We know how to accurately and efficiently provide the information required by the IRS so the transcripts are issued to our clients as soon as possible.

Sending a 4506-T form to us is as easy on our user friendly, client tested site. Once a client uploads a 4506-T form, a dedicated professional begins to analyze the document. If inaccuracies or incomplete information are detected, the form is returned to the client for immediate completion. Once all information is verified and the form complies with IRS protocol, it is immediately sent to the IRS for processing.
If the 4506-T form is rejected by the IRS, we quickly revise the form to meet IRS standards and resubmit it for approval. Once the 4506-T form is approved, the 4506 Transcript is issued. It really can be that simple. In the minimum amount of time and with absolutely no direct interaction with the IRS, our clients receive a wealth of financial information through their own IRS 4506 Transcripts.

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