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Can A Mortgage Lender Request Prior Tax Returns?

One of the most time-consuming aspects of the mortgage application process is gathering together all of the paperwork your mortgage lender requires. Included in the many items that lenders commonly request are prior years’ tax returns. It is common for … Continue reading

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Why New Home Buyers Should Keep Track Of Their 4506-T

The mortgage market has fraudulent activities. So, lenders want to protect themselves against unscrupulous borrowers. The IRS Form 4506 T gives loan officers permission to get your IRS transcripts. The transcripts show various years of your federal income tax filing. … Continue reading

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3 Tips for 4506-T Quality Control

The 4506-T is an IRS form that authorizes lenders to obtain your recent tax transcripts. This is a way for the creditor to verify your income, deduction claims, and any owed taxes showing on your return. The form must be … Continue reading

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8 Business Financials To Check Before Getting A Small Business Loan

You can greatly improve your odds of successfully financing your business and getting a good start by understanding your options and needs when it comes to financing your business. Consider the following 8 factors to help you start, grow, and … Continue reading

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