SSA-89s and What they’re For

An SSA-89 form is completed when someone wants verification services from the Social Security Administration (SSA) on information for a particular person. An SSA-89 form procures data that allows the requester to authenticate a person’s name as a match to their social security number. This is obviously extremely critical in cases when an employer, lender, land lord, etc. want to prevent identity theft and ensure they aren’t dealing with a fraudulent person. As a general rule, there is no requirement to fill out an SSA-89, however, it can save a lot of potential struggles down the road.

At we have a completely integrated system for processing Social Security Administration SSA-89 forms. Once a completed form is submitted to the SSA, results are released through the SSA’s Consent Based Social Security Number Verification service (CBSV). In an effort to be thorough, they verify and match social security number, name, and birthday. If the data is available, they also match gender. This incorporated piece of our company saves our customers the $5,000 enrollment fee that SSA charges customers to use CBSV services. The only way to accurately and correctly verify these components is through the Social Security Administration.

As per the usual with, easy and fast processing is our top priority when it comes to critical information like what what the SSA-89 provides. Once an account is created with us, you can create a new SSA-89 form directly from there. You will need to upload a signed SSA-89 form and attach it to the order. We will review the entire order for correctness and send the information to the Social Security Administration. Each requested combination will be returned with a clear indication of “yes” or “no” for verification results. While this is not a mandatory step the many business dealings, filing an SSA-89 form provides much needed peace of mind for our customers. It ensures their business isn’t left hanging by an identity that was fabricated.

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