How To Use 4506-T: Proof Of Income Or Filing Status For Any Reason Including Divorce Or Other Legal Issues

Legal issues such as divorce or child support require proof of income from all parties involved for the purpose of determining each party’s financial liability. Sometimes providing proof of income can be difficult especially for self-employed people. The IRS offers a form which will serve as proof of income for legal purposes.

The IRS Form 4506-T is a form requesting a transcript to be provided based on previously filed tax returns. This form requires the name and social security used to be provided on lines 1a and 1b. If the tax return was filed jointly the second filers’ information must be provided on lines 2a and 2b. A current address, as well as the address used when the return was filed, must be provided in the request. If the transcript should be provided for a third party then that address should be entered on line 5 of the form.
Line 6 is used to select the type of transcript being requested. The types of transcripts available include a transcript of one specific form, a transcript of a completed return, an account transcript, or a record of an account. A verification of non-filing can be requested by checking box 7 on the form. Select line 8 if you also need a printout of the 1099s or W-2s filed on behalf of your Social Security Number.

Line 9 should be completed to select the return year(s) of which the transcript should be created. Individual forms can be used to request up to four years worth of transcripts. Another 4506-T form can be submitted to request transcripts for additional years. Check the box located at the bottom of the form to attest to the authority to sign this form then sign in the designated area. The form can be mailed or faxed to the appropriate IRS office. Most requests take approximately 10 business days to process.

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