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Using IRS Form 4506-T in Mortgage Loan Processing, Quality Control, & Auditing

Following the financial crisis in the mortgage markets in 2008, lenders have increased the standards of document review and verification that are part of the loan process. Lenders are required as part of the Dodd-Frank Act to perform a thorough … Continue reading

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How To Use 4506-T: Bankruptcy Applications

The 4506-T form is one of the most important non-tax forms that the IRS handles. It’s the form to request tax transcripts and is needed in a myriad of applications like student financial aid, mortgages, small business loans, and even … Continue reading

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Why You Might Need A Form 4506 T For Your Tax Returns

Your tax returns are very important documents because they are usually the best way to prove your income. It’s always important to keep your tax returns stored away both in a place you can store printed copies, or electronic copies … Continue reading

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