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How Can Mortgage Lenders, Banks, and Credit Unions Benefit From 4506-Transcripts?

Before you lend money, it is important to establish the financial worthiness of your client. Traditionally, that was done by checking the client’s credit rating and asking for a copy of his tax return, but that only tells you part … Continue reading

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Getting a Home Mortgage With Your 4506-T

After the housing market crash of 2008, lenders have increased the amount of verification needed to qualify for a mortgage loan. One of the current requirements is form 4506-T, which is an IRS form that requests a tax transcript. This … Continue reading

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Time is Money—In Today’s High-Speed World, It’s Truer Than Ever

Americans who spend 2,500 hours per year engaging in work and all its related demands (commuting, studying, etc.) can determine the value of their time by assessing their yearly total income. Those who net roughly $12,000 can value an hour … Continue reading

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