Tips to Help Your Mortgage Business Get More Loans

Finding a loan in today’s digital landscape can be very challenging if you have no idea of the important aspects to consider. Check out these few important sales tips to help you close more loans.

Get to know what buyers want

While personality, speed, and rates are a great way to get a client’s attention, this isn’t the only thing that they’ll buy. If you happen to find a client who has no idea what the value of your offering is, you are hardly going to make a sale.

One of the reasons could be because the client doesn’t know how to read & understand the details of the loan. However, if one of your sales representatives has a one on one conversation and explains everything, you may end up signing the client.

Don’t Underestimate the Light Moments

This may seem obvious, but you must always be positive, fun, and light. Never convince yourself that there is no solution to your problem or challenge. If you find a client who wants to put off a refinance decision but isn’t sure what to do, it’s your job to build that goodwill.

If they happen to bring up another different loan officer, you should not be quick to dismiss them. Take them as if they’re good, but you are a better choice.

Don’t Give Up

You need to realize that it will take you more than one or two meetings with a prospective home buyer or business owners to earn a sale. Many loan officers give up after the first two meetings. It is however important that you try to evaluate every refinance opportunity, credit maturity, as well as the existing loan before reaching out.

You should save important borrower information and dates on your CRM to help you schedule follow-ups in advance without raising any questions.

As for Business

Providing a prospect term sheet doesn’t guarantee conversion. Some borrowers may even have a term sheet and all the necessary information they need to make a decision. Be candid enough to ask for the business.

If a potential borrower doesn’t seem interested at that time, drive the point home “be the first person they call” once they’re ready.

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