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How Do You Qualify for a Small Business Loan?

You’ll need capital to cover expenses like product inventory, payroll, insurance and advertising when starting a small business. While drawing money from your personal savings is an option, most entrepreneurs lack the cash on hand to launch their business. Thankfully, … Continue reading

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How Many Years Should You Keep Your Bank Statements?

Storing financial documents can become a burden for someone who isn’t properly organized. However, keeping financial documents is incredibly important, especially way after you’ve initially received them. Standard rules state that you should keep your financial documents for about 6 … Continue reading

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Deciding which mortgage lender is right for you

A mortgage is a credit facility that is used to buy a house. Many people opt to secure a house through a mortgage loan instead of renting. In this type of loan, the house is registered with the lender’s name. … Continue reading

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How Lenders Can Benefit From 4506-T

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac require mortgage lenders to obtain an income tax transcript from the IRS for each loan applicant. The tax transcript is necessary to verify the income of the borrower. Lenders can remain in regulatory compliance and … Continue reading

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8 Business Financials To Check Before Getting A Small Business Loan

You can greatly improve your odds of successfully financing your business and getting a good start by understanding your options and needs when it comes to financing your business. Consider the following 8 factors to help you start, grow, and … Continue reading

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