About 4506-T Transcripts

When you apply for financial or legal assistance from certain institutions, they may ask you to provide a transcript of your tax return. IRS form 4506-T provides these institutions with a written record of your income history, so they can decide whether or not to provide you with assistance. 4506-transcripts.com obtains tax documents for individuals needing bank loans, mortgage loans, immigration assistance, and the like. Our process simplifies and quickens the task of obtaining tax documents and records from the IRS.

Our time-tested retrieval process is effective because it allows our clients to relax while we cover all the details. First, our client must make a request by sending us their 4506-T form through our website. We review the form to make sure the information is correct and complete. If we find any errors, we will send the form back to you so you can make corrections. If all is well, we submit your completed form to the IRS so they can review it and make a final decision. They will either accept or reject your application, but you can always submit a new form if you receive a rejection notification.

The completed form will allow you to receive the financial and administrative help you’re looking for. If you are a banker, mortgage broker, or attorney, you can help your clients faster with these forms in your possession. We can also process multiple orders at one time for clients who are trying to assist more than one individual. We have the technology to handle over one-thousand applications every month with order and accuracy. Our operation is improving each day, and we continue to brainstorm so we can develop new ways to assist our clients.

If you give us a call, we can speak to you about your needs before processing and retrieving your tax transcripts. We’ll also give you a detailed breakdown of our services to answer any questions that you may have.

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4506-Transcripts’ Services

4506-Transcripts.com offers several services that are sure to give you peace of mind. Dealing with the financial aspect of peoples’ lives carries a high liability. Additionally, identity verification can be a fundamental action in a variety of situations. From hiring an applicant for a job to leasing property to an applicant, taking that extra step can save a lot of potential heart ache.

First and foremost, we try to cater specifically to banks, lenders, brokers, and law agencies in regards to 4506-T requests. These industries carry a high amount of risk as they deal specifically with peoples’ finances. We carry out the process of submitting a 4506-T form to the IRS in order to get information about a client’s tax history. This is used as a method of income verification. Because we are a high volume vendor, we have exceptionally quick results as per our agreement with the IRS. In general when this data is requested from a private entity, the turn around time is 30-60 days. This delay could cause a business unfortunate repercussions as it brings processes to an abrupt halt.

We also process SSA-89 forms with the Social Security Administration (SSA). When one of our clients wants to verify that an applicant’s name matches the social security number that has been provided on an application, an SSA-89 must be submitted to the SSA. Once they have have verified the information as matching, they release the information through their database called the Consent Based Social Security Number Verification network (CBSV). This process may seem easy for anyone to do. However, access to CBSV requires payment of a $5,000 enrollment fee. As we are already enrolled, once the SSA-89 is requested through us, we then pass a simple “yes” or “no” onto you for verification status.

At 4506-Transcripts.com we not only handle the bureaucratic process of filing these forms, but also handle them in a timely manner. It is as simple as registering through our website and creating the requests. Leave the rest to us!

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What Industries We Target

4506-Transcripts.com has vast expertise that covers the expanse of multiple industries. We specifically target those industries where high fidelity is most critical to their success. Risk management, timeliness, wide-ranging investigation, and usable data our are top priorities.

Legal Professionals
This can seem to be a vague category, but the legal industry requires those in practice to have a good working knowledge of their clients’ incomes as well as the landscape of their background. This is critical for a variety of different legal practices. Finances play in integral role in bankruptcy cases, for divorce attorneys, or even if you are simply wanting to establish a complete client profile for a case going forward. 4506-Transcripts.com offers comprehensive public records investigation, background checks, and income verification.

Mortgage Lenders, Banks, and Credit Unions
This industry has an extreme amount of liability. If you happen to get saddled with a client with a less than savory background, that could be burdening yourself with someone that causes problems for the business’s financial well-being. 4506-T offers fraud protection services to help with risk reduction during the loan process. For businesses, simplifying this judicious process saves them not only time, but also costs. Risk triage is an important part of any lending process and we offer extensive plans to ensure the best possible outcomes.

As with any industry, time is of the essence. As an authorized bulk vendor with the IRS, we are ensured priority so our turnaround times stay up to the standard of our clients. This in addition to well informed, accurate briefings are the back bone to our business values. The mystery of a client need not ever be something that plagues the back of your mind. Receiving our services is as east as registering with us, submitting your 4506-T form, then leaving the rest to us.

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SSA-89s and What they’re For

An SSA-89 form is completed when someone wants verification services from the Social Security Administration (SSA) on information for a particular person. An SSA-89 form procures data that allows the requester to authenticate a person’s name as a match to their social security number. This is obviously extremely critical in cases when an employer, lender, land lord, etc. want to prevent identity theft and ensure they aren’t dealing with a fraudulent person. As a general rule, there is no requirement to fill out an SSA-89, however, it can save a lot of potential struggles down the road.

At 4506-Transcripts.com we have a completely integrated system for processing Social Security Administration SSA-89 forms. Once a completed form is submitted to the SSA, results are released through the SSA’s Consent Based Social Security Number Verification service (CBSV). In an effort to be thorough, they verify and match social security number, name, and birthday. If the data is available, they also match gender. This incorporated piece of our company saves our customers the $5,000 enrollment fee that SSA charges customers to use CBSV services. The only way to accurately and correctly verify these components is through the Social Security Administration.

As per the usual with 4506-Transcripts.com, easy and fast processing is our top priority when it comes to critical information like what what the SSA-89 provides. Once an account is created with us, you can create a new SSA-89 form directly from there. You will need to upload a signed SSA-89 form and attach it to the order. We will review the entire order for correctness and send the information to the Social Security Administration. Each requested combination will be returned with a clear indication of “yes” or “no” for verification results. While this is not a mandatory step the many business dealings, filing an SSA-89 form provides much needed peace of mind for our customers. It ensures their business isn’t left hanging by an identity that was fabricated.

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New Small Business? 5 Things to Know About Federal Income Taxes

New Small Business? 5 Things to Know About Federal Income Taxes

You’ve just started a business and are already earning some good profits. That’s great! But don’t forget your tax obligations. Here are some important tips about federal taxes and write-offs if you don’t already know them.

Business Structure Dictates Taxes Owed
If you’re a sole proprietor, you can report your income as you would on a job. You’ll also need to file a Schedule C to record your revenue and expenses. And if you own a C corporation, you’ll be subject to double taxation. This simply means that you’ll have to pay taxes at both the corporate and personal level.

Best to Pay Quarterly
Unlike people who receive paychecks on jobs, taxes are not taken out automatically for businesses. That’s why it behooves you to pay a specific amount each quarter so you’re not penalized at the end of the year. At present, you will owe a penalty if you haven’t paid 90 percent of your taxes by April 15.

You Can Deduct Many Expenses
When you run your own business, you can deduct a number of expenses, including inventory or raw materials, supplies, advertising, postage, utilities, depreciation, employee wages, most types of insurance, rent, repairs and even entertainment and meals.

Take Advantage of Home Office Deduction
If your run your company from your home or apartment, you can deduct the room you use for an office as an expense. The amount you can deduct is based on the square footage of the room as a percentage of your entire house’s square footage. Deduct that same percentage from your rent or mortgage. See IRS Publication 530 for specific details on home deductions.

You Must Pay Self-Employment Taxes
Again, most people have Social Security and Medicare expenses deducted from their paychecks as they do specific taxes. As a business owner, you must file Schedule SE to determine your total self-employment tax liability.

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