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Do Mortgage Lenders Verify an Applicants’ Tax Returns with the IRS?

Mortgage lenders mandate that borrowers meet strict income requirements for a given loan. Countless loan applications are denied because applicants cannot meet these requirements. Similarly, lenders deny mortgage applications when they cannot verify income information. Prospective home buyers often wonder … Continue reading

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How long does an employer have to keep your W-2?

Tax season is coming upon us, and many employees are wondering how long their current or previous employers have kept their W-2 forms on file. Record retention varies depending on the documentation that is in question, but there are specific … Continue reading

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How to Get Your Tax Transcripts Faster?

Picture this – After months of searching, you finally stumbled upon your dream home. Since you had an excellent credit score, you decided to make the downpayment and pay the appraiser and home inspector in advance. You were just one … Continue reading

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A Smart Guide to Filling 4506-T Form

4506-T form is filled when an individual or a business needs a transcript of tax return for past years from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). One can request the transcript to be sent to himself/herself or to a third party. … Continue reading

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How To Avoid The Mortgage Loan Processing Trouble?

Based on a recent Residential and Foreclosure Sales Report by the RealtyTrac, residential property sales saw a 13% rise from last year. Although the median home sales for most of the states in the US have increased on an annualized … Continue reading

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